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About Us

LOCAL IMPORTERS supply all of our specialty Spanish products such as our beans, legumes, cured meats, and cheeses.

OUR NAME Pronounced man-che-go A Spanish cheese traditionally made with sheep's milk that originates from the central Spanish region of La Mancha.


The intense flavor and crumbly texture make it an ideal table cheese, and perfect for our charcuterie boards. Manchego is fantastic served with olives, Quince Jelly, and Picos breadsticks, and is enjoyed best with a robust glass of red wine. 


OUR HOUSE WINES are imported from Bodegas Albero Organic Vineyards, located in the Rivera del Jucar Denomination of Origin. They are a family owned wine group whose focus is producing fine wine from organic farming using indigenous grapes from their undiscovered region. 


OUR FEATURED HAM Pronounced ja-mon i-be-ri-co A thinly sliced, sovory cured leg of pork, served at room temperature. 


The process of creating the famous ham begins with feeding the pigs acorns. The meat is then salted and dried for two weeks, rinsed and left to dry for another four to six weeks, and finally cured for up to two years. The end result is a symphony of flovors. We recommend one of our delicious cheeses and a robust glass of wine.


¡Buen Provecho! 

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